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     What a fantastic team of cleaners. I've been using them for a few months now, and they are so polite, friendly and really good at what they do. I wish all local services offered as good customer service as the people at Carpet Cleaning Company Waterloo .
Nigel Hammerson 19/05/2020
     Perfect and as they said quickly and complete. No wasted time on loading and unloading. Great guys did an excellent job while cleaning my house. Thanks a bunch Carpet Cleaning Company Waterloo !
P. Patel19/09/2019
     It is so refreshing to hire a local cleaning company like Waterloo Carpet Cleaner who are good at their job and excellent value, it's not often you get both and I'm pleased to have found them.
Frankie Gively22/01/2018
     Good. Really good. That was my impression when I hired Waterloo Carpet Cleaning Services to help me clean the whole home. It had been a while since I'd done anything like that deep house cleaning you need to do from time to time. So long, in fact, that I was worried it'd be too much for just me. I should have just hired these guys from the start. They were done far quicker than I'd expected, but did not cut one corner. I'll be phoning them again, that's for sure.
Carolyn Robinson05/11/2015
     WaterlooCarpetCleaners were exactly what I needed to clean my carpets. They had become dirty over time but I didn't just want to replace them. The cleaners arrived and were able to see to every speck of dirt and mud on them. The stains were removed and the carpets look great. I am very impressed with their services and I'm sure you will be too.
Bertha Crane31/07/2015
     WaterlooCarpetCleaners clean my home regularly and do a very good job. My cleaner is friendly, professional and talented, and she's able to clean my whole home very quickly and efficiently. There isn't any part of my home that isn't sparklingly clean when she leaves. This is a service I would recommend.
Alice T.29/01/2015
     We have had a number of cleaning companies work for our business and we wanted to find one that did a very efficient job on a regular basis as we notice stains and smears building up on our floors and on panels, worktops and windows. WaterlooCarpetCleaners have done just what we needed and their cleaners seem well organised, professional and very sensible. They know when to do certain cleaning tasks, how often to complete them and have all the products and materials they need to get it all done. I would recommend this cleaning company to other businesses for sure.
     Your cleaners help me to free up so much more of my time now! I must have at least two to three extra hours now in the evening! This helps with my schedule so much because my free-lance work often leaves me with an unpredictable week and every hour counts. WaterlooCarpetCleaners are especially good because they send cleaners around sometimes on quite short notice but they do a great job every time. Also, I've noticed that your prices are better than some of your competitors, and everyone likes to feel like they're getting a good deal!
     We were ready to move out and we realised we had not lined anyone up to do our end of tenancy cleaning. We had no opportunity to do it ourselves as we had so much to deal with in terms of the new place so we called WaterlooCarpetCleaners and got a price. It was good and so we left them to it. When we popped back the place looked amazing. Even better maybe than the first day that we moved in. We are now happy to hand over the keys to our landlord and confident that we will receive our much needed deposit back - RogerOur carpets had needed cleaning for months really but it is such a tough job and with five kids running around and a dog and two cats under your feet the whole time it is hard to find the opportunity. I contacted WaterlooCarpetCleaners for a carpet cleaning service and they did not disappoint. The team were quick, professional and really thorough. My family could not believe that they were the same carpets we had had that same morning. I appreciated their disbelief. The work was exemplary.
Marge F.09/10/2014
     I was recently reading an article online on the different types of attic mold and how, unlike with your regular bathroom mold, it is best to call in the pros for black mold. Since I didn't want to take a chance with the house, or my health, I gave WaterlooCarpetCleaners a ring and they sent a team of cleaning contractors over the next day. I'd really like to compliment them on a job well done, and vouch for the quality of their cleaning services.
     In order for something to impress me, it has to be something truly special. And when it comes to cleaning services, I thought that would never happen. Cleaning services are cleaning services, you get what you pay for, and that was my initial thoughts when I was hiring WaterlooCarpetCleaners. The service was inexpensive to hire, so I was expecting a by the numbers service, but that wasn't close to what I got! They were very professional from the moment I called them - they got all of the arrangements sorted, and had a cleaner and time allocated to me with no fuss whatsoever. The cleaners themselves were really good too - dependable, friendly, and with a strong work ethic. A fantastic experience all around!
Cheryl C.29/08/2014
     Having the floors cleaned properly can be very expensive, but doing it yourself can lead to mistakes that can be even more expensive! I have used WaterlooCarpetCleaners a couple of times when having the floors cleaned, and it seems that they are the best around for the money. I will certainly be using them more often in the future, as the floors just look so good once they are finished with them! Everything form the wooden boards upstairs, to the polished concrete downstairs, it's all sorted really easily.
Melissa Ross31/07/2014
     I recently spilled wine on my new rug and I was absolutely horrified and unsure of what to do! I tried a lot of home remedies to try and lift the stain but nothing seemed to be working. A friend suggested I hire a professional rug cleaner and after a bit of online research I found WaterlooCarpetCleaners. There are lots of great things to be said for this company as they did a fantastic job on the stain and managed to restore my rugs to looking brand new. I'm more than pleased with the service, which was professional, friendly and not too expensive either! I'm excited to try their other cleaning services, but if you want a rug cleaner then definitely call this company to see if they can help you!
Gina T.08/07/2014
     I have always done a spring clean every year in my home just to keep thins looking their best and to reduce my clutter and for my latest clean, I decided to do things differently. Rather than gradually doing things over several weeks, I instead called WaterlooCarpetCleaners. They were able to give me the advice and support I needed, meaning I didn't have to do things alone. Their cleaning team came to my address and helped me with all my chores so things where done within a week. They have given me my highest quality clean several and saved me a great deal of time.
Bradley Klein20/06/2014
     I had a recent injury at work which left me not being able to get around very well. In some respects I was enjoying the rest but at the same time I was haunted by the alarming rate at which dust was building up around the house. My neighbor already used the services of WaterlooCarpetCleaners and she advised me to let them do my cleaning while I was off my feet. Well, I'm so appreciative of my neighbours advice and especially to WaterlooCarpetCleaners for doing such a brilliant job. The wonderful ladies who came to my home were so polite and professional. I'm now able to do my own cleaning again so sadly I no longer require their services. I do however make a point of recommending them to their wherever I can, they more than deserve the credit.
Ronald Tomlinson26/05/2014
     In all honesty, I don't know what I would do without the team form WaterlooCarpetCleaners. They have made my working life so much more relaxed recently, that I am surprised that I never tried them out before. I always used to think that I could not afford a cleaning service, but for the price of a few drinks on a night out, I can get the place looking amazing! What's more, I don't really live in a way that makes the place too dirty, so the weekly clean really does last all week, and I certainly get my moneys worth. You never know what you are missing out on until you try it out!
Teresa R.14/05/2014
     I have always used cleaning companies, but I have never used one as good as WaterlooCarpetCleaners. This lot really know how to use a mop and bucket, and had my house looking incredibly clean and tidy within a couple of hours. So basically I ended up paying for an hour less than usual, and got my place looking better than I ever did with the cleaning company I used before... I presume that everyone else who uses them will be amazed by their services too! I hope that anyone reading this gives them a call for a similarly great service!
Julie Lawson29/04/2014
     My dad lives on his own, and I couldn't help but notice that his house was getting more and more unclean the older that he got. Health problems meant that he couldn't really cope with his house cleaning like he used to, and with two children and a job, I definitely couldn't find the time to help out. I explained the situation to WaterlooCarpetCleaners and hired a fortnightly cleaner for him. It was a really great decision as his cleaner always does a brilliant job, and now my dad has the confidence to invite friends over! I love this cleaning company - thanks for all of your help!
     Never believed in professional cleaning services before, assuming that I could keep on top of it. I know that was a bit of nonsense now, though, because I've hired WaterlooCarpetCleaners into my life and I will not be letting them leave any time soon. There's such a big difference a real professional could make, it's like living in a different home. And the cost is so low that I'm always amazed that I'm getting such a good deal. If you're looking for a way in which to get your home cleaner, they managed to convince this sceptic, which can only be good.
Philip Jones19/03/2014

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